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DEWALT Stapler Review DWHTTR410

The folks at DEWALT recently released two new manual tackers – models DWHTTR130LH and DWHTTR410. We took a look at the later.

We’ll refer to the DWHTTR410 as the DEWALT 4 in 1 Multi Tacker because that is what it is “four tools in one.”

First Impression:

Most staple guns that I’ve used require strong forearm and grip strength to operate. Operation over long periods of time is torture and most people opt not to use a manual stapler for mass staple fastening.

DEWALT took an ordinary tool and made it extraordinary!

The DEWALT 4 in 1 Multi Tacker is an aluminum frame, extremely lightweight and compact stapler with a super easy to squeeze handle which provides the user fatigue free use. So easy almost anyone could operate it.

The DEWALT 4 in 1 Multi Tacker accepts four fastener styles:

light staples [From 1/4 – inch to 3/8 – inch]

heavy duty staples [From 1.4 – inch to 9/16 – inch]

cable staples [From 3/8 – inch to 9/16 – inch]

18 gauge brads [From 1/2 – inch to 5/8 – inch]

A selector switch provides the user the flexibility to choose between high and low power settings for fastener driving.


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